The Best Pre-Natal Support for All Three Trimesters!

This program is designed for first time AND veteran parents looking to become, or remain active during pregnancy in a safe way that supports your body as you create and grow new life, prepare for labor and birth, and ultimately recover and heal in the postpartum period.

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Support your fitness and pelvic floor goals throughout your pregnancy & recover faster postpartum:

In this program, you will have access to everything from the most common myths surrounding pregnancy, yellow and red flags to look out for during your wellness experience, how to assess your posture and breathing, plenty of exercise guidance through video and written instructionals, and lots of little gems that will help you navigate the discomforts, aches, and pains that are often associated with pregnancy.

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Navigate Your Pregnancy in

the Way That Works

Best for YOU!

The Prenatal Prescription

WITH Dr. Arien​ne

Formatted in week by week workouts,​ tasks and check-ins with unl​imited messaging to Dr. Arienne, this ve​rsion includes all the same bonuses and ​extras, but in a layout with direct ​and structu​r​ed guidance.

With this option, you wil​l also receive The Prenatal P​rescription ON DEMAND, so that ​you can access specific workouts, mobil​ity flows, and troubleshootin​g​ at ANY time!

This is the perfect fit if ​you need extra guidance and suppo​rt but may not have a pelvic floor physica​l therapist in your area to guide you​r prenatal and postpartum wel​l​n​e​s​s journey.

The Prenatal Prescription


The full 9 month Prenatal Prescription Program, self-paced and available to you by trimester, or by body part. This program provides everything you need in a netflix style format that allows you to jump around and choose which workouts you want to do as often as YOU choose

The On-Demand program is great for those looking for guidance and support in a self-paced, independent way!

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The Prenatal Prescription

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Proven Roadmap: from pelvic floor coordination, to exercise guidance, you learn how to build both coordination and strength and mobility

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Private Community:

Make friends, ask questions, share anecdotes and get to know other women who are in the program in our private in-app community + receive support directly from Dr. Arienne

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We help you navigate this time with tools, modifications, and stability exercises that will allow you to enjoy and embrace the best parts of your pregnancy journey.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Understand how to manage pressure, lengthen ​and strengthen the pelvic floor, and how to ​minimize risk of tears, diastasis recti, ​incontinence, and prolapse

  • Feel more confident in yourself, your body, and ​your ability to bring this new life into the world.

  • Be more confident in your ability to make ​educated choices for you and your body

  • Heal faster and feel better postpartum

You will also have access to our video library of ​guided exercises, as well as video modifications and ​progressions (with and without equipment), PDF ​handouts, and a private community to provide you ​with support, and the opportunity to ask questions ​and receive answers from other members, and Dr. ​Arienne herself.

Program Options

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On-Demand Lifetime ​Access:

great if you are early in your ​pregnancy and those ​considering future ​pregnancies. You will also ​have access to any ​updates and improvements


On-Demand Monthly ​Subscription:

an excellent option if ​you are starting at a ​later stage in ​pregnancy, or you ​know this will be your ​last baby.


Guided by Dr. Arienne:

The perfect fit if you are looking ​for individualized support and ​accountability but don’t have a ​pelvic floor PT near you. You ​will also have access to the On-​Demand Library and Resource ​Collection


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Had a wonderful experience ​during my first pregnancy! ​Walked into my induction, ​feeling like I was in the best ​shape of my life, and that was ​due in great part to Dr. ​Arienne’s expert advice and ​exercise modification ​suggestions throughout my ​second and third trimester!


Who is Dr. Arienne?

Dr. Arienne is an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist, specializing in the prenatal and postpartum pelvic health journey. She created this program as an opportunity to educate and empower women in creating a deeper understanding of their pelvic floor, core, and breath connection, and assisting them to apply these foundations into an active lifestyle they desire! As a person who has been both a therapist AND a client, she understands where our healthcare system falls short, and aims to bridge the gap between fitness and function.

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